UNIQ VIENNA RPET ShockSorb 防水 防污 防震 筆記本保護套


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UNIQ VIENNA RPET ShockSorb 防水 防污 防震 筆記本 保護套

外層 採用 RPET (再生聚酯) 環保物料, 防水 防污.
內層 採用 ShockSorb™ 專利減震材料.
由內到外全面保護你的 Laptop
備有 14 / 16 (inch)

RPET (再生聚酯) 是一種新型的環保物料,R 即為 recycle 的意思。

Uniq Vienna Protective RPET Fabric ShockSorb Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop with ShockSorb™,
the inner raised grooves surround your laptop at
the bottom and sides to absorb and dissipate shock.
Designed with a smooth plush interior for added cushioning and
a water-resistant RPET fabric exterior to protect your laptop against the elements.
Front compartment to store other essentials for easy access.



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