UNIQ Oslo 14″筆記本電腦套帶折疊式 支架


UNIQ Oslo 14″筆記本電腦套帶折疊式 支架

由防飛濺的純素皮革製成,內置微細纖維襯裡, 纖薄的設計可將筆記本電腦存放並固定在緊湊的外形中,設有易於開關磁扣 。 智能可轉式保護蓋可在幾秒鐘內折疊並磁性卡入成一個優化的25度支架, 令您的筆記本在辦公桌或咖啡館工作提供舒適的角度。

Uniq Oslo Laptop Sleeve With Foldable Stand ( Up To 14”)

DESCRIPTION Elevate your workspace anywhere. Made from splash-resistant vegan leather with an inner microfibre lining, this slim sleeve stores and secures laptops in a compact profile with an easy magnetic closure. Its smart convertible cover folds in seconds and snaps magnetically into an optimised 25-degree stand for long hours of comfort working at your desk or cafe. Dimension : 327*230*15.5mm Category: Case Device: Laptop up to 14″
UNIQ Oslo Sleeve

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