UNIQ Optix Sapphire Camera Lens Protector iPhone 15 Series


UNIQ Optix iPhone 15系列藍寶石相機鏡頭保護膜

Optix 藍寶石相機鏡頭的終極保護。

• 採用 Mohs 9H 的藍寶石製成,並帶有防反射塗層
• 不鏽鋼邊緣設計
• 高清清晰度和超高透光率,可拍攝更清晰、色彩準確的照片
• 防污環具有 IP68 防塵、防污、防沙和防浸性能
• 隨附自安裝套件,可實現無氣泡、無灰塵的安裝

UNIQ Optix Sapphire Lens Protector iPhone 15 Series
Experience the ultimate protection for your camera lens with Optix Sapphire.
Second only to diamond, Sapphire is one of the most scratch-resistant elements in the world and boasts an incredible level of durability.
So you can get absolute protection with no compromise to clarity and transparency.

• Crafted with 9 Mohs hardness sapphire with an anti-reflective coating
• Designed with a stainless steel rim surround
• HD clarity with ultra-high light transmittance for sharper and color-accurate photos
• Anti-fouling ring with IP68 resistance against dust, dirt, sand and submersion
• Self-installation kit included for east bubble- and dust-free installation


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iPhone 15 Model

iPhone 15 Pro 6.1 Inch, iPhone 15 Pro Max 6.7 Inch


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