UNIQ Journa iPhone 14 Pro 超薄 生態皮革 錢包式 保護套 送”Optix Clear”高清全屏幕玻璃保護膜



UNIQ Journa Heritage iPhone 14 Pro 超薄 生態皮革 錢包式 保護套

UNIQ Journa iPHONE 14 Pro / Pro Max 系列 超薄 生態皮革 錢包式 保護套
日常使用 或 公幹旅行 必備神器
由耐用的生態皮革製成 超薄保護套 可作錢包使用,
可以輕鬆取用現金和銀行卡, 內部隔層可輕鬆容納現金和最多四張支付卡。

UNIQ Journa Heritage  iPhone 14 Pro Slim Leatherette Wallet Case

Keep easy access to cash and cards , a slim case that also works as a wallet,
made of durable eco-leather with internal compartments for cash and payment cards,
Internal compartments can easily accommodate cash and up to four payment cards.
additionally has an integrated stand that allows you to watch movies and conduct videoconferences without using brace.



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