SKINARMA Irezumi Oni Backpack


Skinarma – Irezumi Oni Backpack

Designed with functionality in mind, our Irezumi Day Bag is a backpack you can rely on for your travels.
Comes with anti-theft zippers so you can keep your valuables safe and in lockdown.

Patented Anti-Theft Zipper – An innovative zip locking mechanism by clasping both ends together
Multiple padded compartments – Protect and organise laptops up to 14”and tablets up to 10”
Lockable back compartment – Provide easy quick access and protection to your devices
Integrated luggage slot – Slides over a rolling suitcase for ease of carry

Each SkinArma case is crafted with quality materials and artisan craftsmanship,
so you own a protective case that is designed to outlast your phone.Today,
the distinctive styling of SkinArma’s protective cases has earned itself loyal fans
in over 7 countries in the world, including China, Japan, Hong Kong  &  Taiwan.


Skinarma – Irezumi Oni 惡魔 刺繡 防盜背包

Irezumi Oni 惡魔 背包 在設計時充分考慮了功能性,是您旅行時可以依靠的背包。
專利防盜拉鍊 , 創新的拉鍊鎖定機制, 將兩端扣在一起.
多個帶襯墊隔層,保護和整理最大 14 英寸的筆記本電腦和最大 10 英寸的平板電腦.



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