SKINARMA Shindo MagSafe Case For iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max *送”Optix Clear”高清全屏幕玻璃保護膜


SKINARMA Shindo MagSafe Case 帶 手機指環扣 連 支架 保護殼

兼容 磁力充電 和 MagSafe 配件。
增強 4 個角保險槓,360° 防衝擊.
殼面圖案採用 IML技術印刷 耐刮耐擦.
多角度調節,高強度鋁合金支架, 解放雙手,方便追劇、學習、遊戲、直播、視頻。

Skinarma Shindo MagSafe Mag-Charge Hybrid Case with Pivotal Ring Stand

Made compatible with MagSafe, you can experience secure magnetic charging and all MagSafe accessories.
360° impact bumper with enhanced 4 corners.
3 meters drop protection.
Scratch resistance.
IML Printing.
High-strength aluminum alloy bracket, multi-angle adjustment,
freeing hands, convenient for chasing dramas, learning, games, live broadcasts, and videos.


iPhone 14 Model



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