SKINARMA GYO iPad 10th Gen 2022 多功能保護套 藍色別注版 東京限定  [全港免運]


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SKINARMA GYO 2022 iPad 10th Gen (10.9″) 多功能保護套 藍色別注 東京限定 
~PC 2H透明防刮防護底蓋
~ 360º 全方位保護

正面的柔軟超細纖維 磁吸 折疊 式 覆蓋 可以在不使用時確保屏幕蓋牢固閉合, 保護您的螢幕.
還可以包裹您的 Apple Pencil, 提供額外保護並防止充電時丟失.
折疊式支架 可提供多角度 展示您的 iPad, 以便打字、

SKINARMA GYO 2022 iPad 10th Gen (10.9″) Multifunction Case. Blue Edition Toyko 
Integrated Smart Foldable Stand All The Right Angles
With smart integrated foldable cover,
one can display your iPad at all the right angles for typing,
reading and browsing the web.  Be productive when working on the go or simply sit back and relax with a video or e-book.
Magnetic Flap Closure With Secure Protection for Apple Pencil
The front magnetic closure not only keeps screen cover securely closed when not in use,
but also encases your Apple Pencil to offer extra protection and prevent loss while charging.

Glance :
– 360º  all round protection
– Access to all function with precise fitting
– Soft microfiber cover shields your touchscreen
– Clear PC back with anti-scratch properties

Compatible with:
2022 iPad 10th Gen (10.9″)


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