Energea WiDisc 75 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

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Energea WiDisc 75 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Energea has designed a wireless charging pad that is conveniently simple and built to comply with the Qi Charging Standard.
With its one-coil charging pad, the WiDisc 75 can deliver a fast-charging speed of up to 10W of power for all compatible devices.

The WiDisc 75 wireless charging pad can be paired with a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 wall charger,
such that any device that is Qi-enabled can enjoy fast wireless charging.

Support : 5W/7.5/10W
LED Indicator : 2x Faster Charging with LED Indicator
Design : Compact Design
Includes : 1.5m USB-C cable


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