ENERGEA MagDisc ARC MagSafe Charger Holder


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ENERGEA MagDisc Arc MagSafe Charger Holder

2-in-1 dock equipped with MagSafe holder for the convenience of hands-free magnetic attachment.
Designed to hold your mobile and tablet, the stand features adjustable height and viewing angles using
MultiView™ technology to suit your entertainment needs.
Bring it everywhere with you to attain the perfect viewing angles for your devices.

Built-in MagSafe charger holder
Seamless wireless charging experience with MagSafe
Adjustable height of up to 25cm
Works seamlessly with all mobile and tablet
Charge in portrait or landscape mode
Nano grip technology
Folding design for portability
MagSafe charger not included
Designed with Nano suction anti-slip pad
Easy installation for MagSafe charger
Made from sturdy and durable material
93 x 136mm

Compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

MagSafe charging only works with iPhone 12 and above.

MagSafe charger not included.



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