Energea Flow 150CM 60W 3A USB-C To MFI PD 快速充電線


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Energea Flow 150CM 60W 3A USB-C To MFI PD Fast Charging Cable

MFi Certifified Lightning-Fast Charging
Safely charge your device at it’s highest possible speed when connected to a Power Delivery high-speed charger.
*Lab tested with iPhone 14

Keep your workspace clutter-free in just a snap
with MagLink cable management system

Keep your wires perfectly organized and mount them with ease on any metallic surface with the cable strap and built-in magnetic bottom.

Charge Any Essential with up to 240W of Power
Keep all your USB-c devices including Laptops, tables and smartphones powered with ease at lightning-fast speed.

~Upgraded C94 Connector
~3A high speed charging
~Power Delivery 3.1 60W
~USB2.0 480mbps data transfer
~Slim tip to fit most cases
~Hemp textile fabric
~Naturally hypoallergenic
~Resistant to traying
~Thinner OD at 3.8mm
~Aluminium foil shielding



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