COEHL iPhone 12 Mini 5.4″ Case


全場 iPhone 11/12 保護殼 買 1 送 2

注意 :
1) 價格一律以最高單價計算.
2) 每張單可自由選擇3款. 但數量不能重覆.
3) 運費一律順豐到付.

4) 購買其他正價貨品請獨立下單 ,
     正價貨品購物滿$200 2 張單同一地址




Tailored For Her

Real women are fluid and multifaceted — just like nature.
Guided by this philosophy, Coehl extracts the organic qualities of the modern woman to
create personal collections, a seamless blend of elegance and function.

Created for women, crafted for embracing life’s journeys.
Coehl (“co-elle”) is founded on the belief that women are multifaceted and fluid in their everyday life.
Taking inspiration from organic textures and natural shapes around us,
we design personal case collections that are unique, versatile and inspiring
sharing the very same qualities we find in women today.

Each collection is thus a seamless blend of elegance and function,
and thoughtfully designed to accompany you,
the modern woman, through life.

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Coehl iPhone 12 Mini Case

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